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mobienflex energyPower supply for mobile devices

Flexible battery FLEXBATT

Flexible battery Flexbatt

The use of PET material alleviates the primary cause of industrial pollution of disposable products, and it is also clean and sanitary.
휴대폰후면 배터리

Better feeling of grip & Lowered price

The product made with silicon is designed to highlight its flexibility. When attached to the back side of a mobile phone, it gives an excellent feeling of grip, and its non-slippery characteristic helps to protect the phone from falling.

Hydrogen fuel cell

It is a generating set that electrochemically converts the chemical energy of hydrogen and oxygen into electric energy by using polymeric membrane as the electrolyte. It is applied to the systems of portable fuel cells, fuel cell cars, and fuel cells for housing due to its outstanding operability in low temperatures and high power density.

  • Small distributed cogeneration system power supply for households
  • Small portable fuel cell – power supply for laptops, emergency power systems, leisure facilities
  • Power supply for cars, buses, scooters, submarines, etc.