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P2G is a technology that produces hydrogen (H2) through water electrolysis by using wind/solar powers that are not accepted in power system. Or, it is a technology that stores and uses the fuel types like methane (CH4) that is generated by the reaction between the hydrogen produced with carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Hydrogen can be easily converted into electric energy by its direct combustion or being used as a fuel of fuel cells, and it is highly utilized as a storing or transportation medium.
  • If storing energy as a form of hydrogen (hydrogen production), a high energy density can be maintained.
  • Hydrogen can be transported as a form of gas or liquid, and only 1/10 of loss occurs during the transportation process in contrast to that of power transmission.
  • Hydrogen energy is eco-friendly energy that only emits water in the usage process, and it can be considered as the ultimate energy for decarboxylation where the number of carbons becomes reduced in the energy.