Ideology and Vision

Focusing on both energy and the environment

The energy specialist MobinflexThe company creating future through the fusion of energy and environment

that considers both energy and the environment

The new renewable energy specialty company

Mobienflex Co., Ltd. is a company established in 2015 through the Startup Leading University fostering project of Yonsei University. Simultaneous realization of the development, performance verification, and commercialization is done by constructing a technological network with various institutions, and it has grown as a global leader as it has expanded the business to materials and components of the energy and environment.
Mobienflex Co., Ltd. offers products and services in diversified business areas by focusing on the future-oriented energy business that replaces the depleting natural resources along with the present-oriented environmental business which resolves the human life-threatening environmental issues.

Corporate philosophy


We create new values based on people-oriented convenience, stability, and reliability.

Leading technology

We will create a new economic market by growing as a market leading company through the development and standardization of leading technologies.

Sustained growth

We will prepare a foothold for sustained growth through the development of technologies involved with social needs.