Mind for Energy and Environment

Development and research on new technologyMaterial and system

Based on the Industry-University-Institute cooperation network

Strengthening of the infrastructure for new technology development

Strengthening of the material development capability Conducts a variety of R&D projects regarding new materials together with outstanding universities and representative research institutions in Korea.

Innovative accomplishments

  • Development of the bi-functional anode catalyst for air cells
  • Development of the carbon-free electrode for hydrogen generation
  • Development of the ACF filter for reducing fine dust

Strengthening of the system development capability Construction of the system that improved the difficulties of companies through on-site installation demonstration projects

Innovative accomplishments

  • Development of the system eliminating dioxin in incinerators
  • Development of the treatment and recycling system for waste oils and waste solvents
  • Development of the ESS system associated with hydrogen production

R&D by Projects

Energy and Environment

Power supply pack for a long-driving hybrid system, a filter removing and reducing harmful substances, a catalyst system

Health Care

Skincare materials, power supply pack for healthcare devices

R&D Service

Service provision for developing functional materials, energy materials, and cosmetic materials